Revamp your computer lab and turn it into something with more real-world relevance: a 3D printer lab. It takes more than just one printer to drive the innovation students need; modern schools need a room dedicated solely to 3D printing. As the Maker Movement thrives and the STEM-heavy workforce rewards design skills, students need to get comfortable with digital fabrication, problem solving, and innovative solutions - three things they’ll get from regular access to 3D printer labs in their school.

Empower the Future with Technology

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Eduporium is home to the best educational 3D printers with models for every grade level and budget. The only way to get the lowest prices for your new 3D printer lab is to contact us.

Educational Value:

•Build design skills through real-world replication
•Explore the potential of software to build solutions
•Amplify hands-on learning and critical thinking
•Leverage custom fabrication for increased efficiency

A Brief History of 3D Printing

Read the Case Study

Learn how MakerBot 3D printers helped one school district expand their curricula and create cutting-edge opportunities for thousands of students.

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