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Andy Larmand heads up Eduporium’s social media efforts and leads the company’s social engagement with the public, including educators, administrators, district leaders, and parents. He has been a member of the Eduporium team for just over two years and, in that time, has helped bolster their social presence by spearheading a revived attempt at promoting the importance of maker learning in schools and the effectiveness of makerspaces in general. With a wealth of makerspace knowledge gained from closely following this area of contemporary education, Andy has compiled his most important insights into an informative article to help get schools started with creating the makerspace that best suits their needs. Personally, Andy graduated from Boston’s Suffolk University in May 2014 with a degree in Print Journalism and also blogs regularly for a local sports website.

About The Author

Andy Larmand


9 Things You Need in a Makerspace

From collaboration to failure, Eduporium's experts highlight the must-have elements for creating an effective makerspace.

Tools for Your Makerspace

  • Our selection is customizable, empowers invention, and leads to success
  • Innovative tech bundles and maker products help reinforce key concepts
  • Research-backed, expert advice for tools that boost student creativity

Making a Makerspace - The Eduporium Way

There is no one formula for creating the perfect makerspace, but Eduporium's experts have done the research and come up with nine of the most important elements for successful, student-led makerspaces that work in all grade levels and prepare students for the real world.

Integrating Maker Activities in Your Curriculum

  • Spark meaningful learning with fun activities that foster real-world experience
  • Build a proper gameplan including custom lessons and teacher workshops
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